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A gay man who does not have a gym-perfect body, but rather carries a body fat percentage in the 12% - 20% range. A man who is considered gay fat within the community would likely be considered athletic, physically fit and in-shape within the greater cultural context.
Grant: Hey, can I use one of your guest passes for the gym? I'm in a bit of a dry spell with gigs, and couldn't afford to re-up myself.
Jerome: Sure, man, no problem.
Grant: Awesome, dude. I'm afraid if I don't start to get back to it regularly, I'm going to lose this year's 'Ass Fabulous' contest.
Jerome: Honestly, I don't know that a fourth straight win will make you any more fuckable, but it's easier to give you the pass than to host a full-blown gay fat intervention in a few weeks if you don't win.
by Matthew Lake July 05, 2007
A trip to p-town, a fire island weekend, a pilgimage to southern decadence, a white party package, an olivia cruise. A vacation that is targeted to or holds special appeal for the gay community.
Monica: John looks like shit.
Matt: What do you expect? He just got back from his gaycation.
Sandi: You know what that means. Four days of sex, drugs and no last names.
by Matthew Lake October 02, 2006
Used as a verb to describe getting voted off of popular reality show Project Runway. A twist on the word 'offed' that refers to German Host Heidi Klum's final words to every contestant, 'Auf Wiedersehen,' followed by an air kiss to each cheek.
Who will get auf'd this week on Project Runway? Tune in to Bravo on Wednesday night at 9 to find out!
by Matthew Lake August 27, 2006
Describes the notion that technological advances (telephony, internet, air travel, etc.) have effectively decreased perceived distance between people such that one's social network can be global and feel local.
I thought when my sister moved to the East coast for college that we'd lose contact, but since we IM every day and talk on the cell phone, it's like she still lives in the house.

That's glocalization, dude!
by Matthew Lake April 01, 2006
A documentary that advocates a particular, often strong, stance on an issue -- a film that is both a come to Jesus and a call to action.
George: Did you see Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'?
Dick: It was amazing. Quite the rantumentary, though it lacked some of the passion of Michael Moore's masterpiece 'Fahrenheit 9/11'.
by Matthew Lake October 02, 2006
Related to the waste and recycling streams, the use stream describes items that are still of value and which can be recovered for ongoing use by others.
Bob: I love my new blender!
Sarah: What are you going to do with your old one. It works, right, just without all the bells and whistles.
Bob: Exactly. I think I'll clean it up and give it to the thrift store so that it can be returned to the use stream.
by Matthew Lake October 02, 2006
Describes a twinkish guy with an eating disorder consistent with binging and purging. The fabulous male equivalent of bulemic.
I don't know how Kyle eats so much and still looks so good in those Dolce and Gabana low-rise jeans. Sometimes I wonder if he's boylemic!
by Matthew Lake August 11, 2006
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