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A trip to p-town, a fire island weekend, a pilgimage to southern decadence, a white party package, an olivia cruise. A vacation that is targeted to or holds special appeal for the gay community.
Monica: John looks like shit.
Matt: What do you expect? He just got back from his gaycation.
Sandi: You know what that means. Four days of sex, drugs and no last names.
by Matthew Lake October 02, 2006
a vacation for gay people
Ben and Mike are going to Ft Lauderdale for their annual gaycation.
by mac4929 April 07, 2008
(noun) \ga-ka-shun\ An all-man vacation. Often disguised as "bonding." But really, it's just plain gay.
"Mike, John, and Lawrence are going to Portland for their annual vacation."

"You mean GAYcation..."
by jcr March 13, 2012
noun; a period of suspension from work or study involving a trip to a predominantly gay destination for the purpose of meeting same sex partners.
He went to Provincetown for a brief gaycation.
by mikebrew August 04, 2008
a period of time when a heterosexual person gets tired of sex with opposite sex and prefers to have it homosexually
Shane: "Why did you go home with that random girl last night?"
Kate: "After that nasty break up with Jimmy, I needed to go on a gaycation."
by jimmbabwe September 17, 2009
The few week period after breaking up with your girlfriend dedicated to bro-time. Usually involves getting absolutely inebriated with your guy friends and pouring out all of your emotions about your ex-girlfriend/the break up. Probable tears are involved
Bro #1: Dude Janine just broke up with me, you wanna hang out tonight?
Bro #2: Yeah let's get fucked up. You can go on a gaycation with us
Bro #1: That sounds great man- I need to talk about my feelings, plus I miss you guys.
Bro #2: Fag.
by SheHateMe63 February 01, 2010
When one member of a same-sex long term relationship visits thier family alone.

When a bi-sexual man or woman goes on a vacation and has exclusive sex within his or her gender.
Victor: Hey Steve? Where's your man Mike ??
Steve: He went to visit his parents, alone !
Victor: So Mike is on a Gaycation ??
Steve: That bitch !!
by OneHairyGuy July 13, 2009
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