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A person who usually plays games and is completely dependent on other people and usually cheats or goes the easy way to get better than other people.

Normal person: Yeah good for you dipshit
by mattchewy2 June 19, 2010
A bong is a bottle with a “bowl” that is used to hold cannabis flowers or “buds” as most people call them that is then lit with a lighter where the smoke travels through a stem and into a “chamber” where the smoke is held. With water at the bottom of the “chamber” It cools the smoke that travels into the “chamber” which is then inhaled by the user the via the “mouthpiece”. Bongs also feature a “carb” which is a hole in the BONG used to filter and clear the smoke and oxygen entering the bong. But most people wonder why “Stoners” bother with bongs.

Bongs are used by cannabis smokers if they don’t like to roll joints (A marijuana cigarette) and also because of the fact that joints are harsher on lungs. Also smokers can save more weed using bongs by extinguishing the burning marijuana in the “bowl” and “saves a lot of weed in in the longrun.”
d00d #1: Crap bro I forgot my joints. They're a bitch to roll you know
d00d #2: It's cool bro I have my BONG we can both share.
d00d #1: :D
by mattchewy2 September 28, 2011

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