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When you are boning a girl, and your sack slaps against your grundle (also taint, gooch, or chode).
Dude, I was boning this girl last night, and her brother was awakened by the sound of my grundle smack.
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
verb: The act of jamming your weiner into a nice box while supporting your lower lumbar with both hands, preferably standing up and in front of a mirror.
You should have seen me last night dude, i was banging guts with this hot ass heina after i took a mexican bath. shiggity shiggity shwa.
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
The ultimate burrito. A bossrito can only be made by a man. A bossrito is made of the finest ingredients available at any given time in a bachelor's house. Women dare not attempt to eat a bossrito, for they are inedible to women.
Matt: "Hey dude, what we eat?"
Steve: "I dont know dude."
Matt: "How about a bossrito?"
Steve: "Mmmm, sounds tasty."
Matt: "Dont make me kill you."
Steve: "What you say? Shiggity Shiggity Shwa."
Matt: "How are chu doin big mang?"
Steve: "I have bubbly guts, but I'm ok."
Matt: "Do you want me to give you spirit fingers?"
Steve: "Please do."
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
The act of a gay man doing the WEASEL (see "Encino Man") to another gay man's ballsack.
"Oh my gosh this guy was giving me the best spirit fingers treatment I've ever had."
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
An alternative to bathing, the mexican bath is the act of completely saturating yourself with cheap cologne in an effort to cover up the smell of rice, beans, chili powder, and body odor. It is the sign of pure laziness (and a likely illegal immigrant). Also see "sweet nigger."
"Hey dude, I think I smell your odor. Are you going to take a shower?"

"Nah, I'll just take a mexican bath."
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
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