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An officious intrusion (commonly verbal)
"Why don't you do this that way."
-"Dude, you're all up in my shit"
by Matt Lewis December 08, 2003
Prosi just a short word for prostitute plain and simple
"You brought that prosi whip from the £1 shop didnt u"
"If you took the money that makes you a prosi"
by Matt Lewis October 13, 2004
Shody another word for crap or shit
Usually used in Britain
"Yo man that tune is shody"
"Once again you've proved that your shooting skills are shody"
by Matt Lewis October 13, 2004
a person who is bald on the top and has long hair in back.
Bobcat goldthwait's character in the "police academy" movies
by matt lewis April 21, 2004
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