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Government run by robots. They will be able to lie and have scandals more efficiently than humans.
Vote Candidatebot 4000 in 2008 or be processed for organs.
by matt dold November 24, 2004
man who figured out evolution and wrote "origin of species" and revolutionized biology. Creationism is flawed and you don't have to be an atheist to accept this mans brilliant work.
ignorance is the only alternative to evolution.
by matt dold August 07, 2004
something created by people to explain what couldn't be explained at the time but now that they have been we need to let go. People don't wanna hear that their grandma is dead so they said "shes alive in heaven" and people get happy. People don't wanna hear that their lives are meaningless and there is no purpose tolife so we made up a reason. Religion has done more harm and people need to face the truth.
religion is for the ignorant
by matt dold August 02, 2004
the most kickass people in the world, also the coolest job in the world.

someone who could do something with their lives but don't want to.
I would rather be a hobo
by matt dold January 15, 2004
one of the greatest comedians of all time. Can be seen regularly on the daily show with jon stewart
lewis black on minnesota winters
" This winter wouldn't have been that bad if you were a fucking moose, if you had fur on your nuts it was a fucking festivle"
by matt dold January 07, 2004
economics of the ghetto. Follows the prices of but not limited to: Drugs, ho's, fire arms,bling bling and a standard car pimping. Follows the standard rules of economics but cometition can often decrease when a new enterprise pulls out its 9 and busts a cap in the ass of a existing enterprise. For more on ebonomics read Tyrone McGrizzles new book "from scrubin' tubs to rollin on dubbs: a new look at economics,mother fucker"
Ebonomics will eventually take over the standard issue economics as society falls into a pit of shame.
by matt dold December 22, 2004
anyone who looks dumb and or goofy in apperance
al fackler is a grade A schmo
by matt dold February 17, 2004
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