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19 definitions by matt dold

Evil all powerful entity from Stephen Kings "It". Later made into a very horrid movie which is wrongly called scary by the wimps of the world. You want to see something really fucked up and twisted? READ THE FUCKING BOOK!
It: Do you want a balloon?
Georgie: Do they float?
It: They float, they all float. We all float down here.

The book contains racism,homosexuality, homosexuality bashing, child abuse, spousal beatings and murder, all of which are very graphic and very often. The movie is plain dumb compared to the book.
by matt dold November 24, 2004
a monkey with brain illness

a annoying person.
everyone views matt dold as a retarded monkey.
by matt dold January 20, 2004
the very uncreative handle used by my brother.
"yo man dis is da phat big e"
-real quote-
by matt dold January 03, 2004
Suburb in Minnesota. Called White Bear Lake due to lack of black people. Home to the most pathetic highschools known to man.
And guess what the schools colors are? Thats right Orange Black and White, just like 95% of the other highschools.
by matt dold November 22, 2004
little kids i laugh at.
me and scott went out and beat up and laughed at orphans after we drowned some puppys
by matt dold December 31, 2003