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a telivision channel that has runned some of the best comedies and cancelled them while at the same time keeping some of the worst shows. They used to have futurama and family guy but cancelled them because fox hates people. They got rid of andy richter controls the universe and gave him a shitty new show called "quintuplit". They also show arressted development which is the best show you jackasses don't watch. The only thing keeping them alive is the simpsons which after season 12 started getting bad because they got new writers who just try to pander the off the wall humor way too much and don't have the same sharp edge they used to. How king of the hill is still on is a mystery to me. to recap

good shows that fox dropped:futurama,family guy,andy richter controls the universe. If these shows were still on there the fox network wouldn't have to cling to the simpsons and pump out bad reality shows.
if the simpsons move fox is dead.
by matt dold August 26, 2004
seasons 1-12 are the best thing to happen to tv in a long time. The new seasons have lost their edge and lack the wit and good satire from seasons 1-12. The show has lost alot of its sharpness and is dull and too mainstream. But i will stay with the show till the bitter end.
the show used to be gold but has lost its shine.
by matt dold August 26, 2004
country in africa
me and my homeboys have roots back to swaziland
by matt dold February 03, 2004
to check for cleaness, dust, dirt
your room better be clean, i'll give it a white glove test.
by matt dold January 24, 2004
the highest of the prophets in Halo.
"there are thoser who said this day will never come...what are they to say now"
by matt dold November 28, 2004
german verb for play
"ich spiele fussball"
by matt dold January 06, 2004
coolest batman villan of all time
second best is the joker
by matt dold February 16, 2004

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