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possibly the worst name to have actuaally chosen then years later get sent to prison for child porn offences.
someoneone who manages to get chucked out of thailand.
fuck me mate! even gary wouldnt do that!
by matt devilstick September 28, 2003
(n) failed genetic experiment of Cannon and Ball. Both came out as Bobby Ball.
"Grunt! Grunt! To me, to you"; "Do me in the mouth 5 times, Big Boy": 'Tash to 'Tash
by Matt Devilstick April 23, 2005
hybrid slang.
unholy new species combining the worst elements of the PIKEY and WEEKENDER.
tent dwelling (at weekends, usually found in victorian style urban dwelling), limited dog owning TRUSTAFARIAN who only smokes grass from tarquin because you simply cannot trust the working class.
i dont buy acid at festivals because my daddy owns ICI
by matt devilstick September 28, 2003
insane childrens programme responsible for the gary glitter and jimmy saville experience.
see also BOD
richard gere: lets get finger mousing
by matt devilstick September 28, 2003
noun. a definitive description of someone who voluntarily eats out of skips and sells lucky pencil top erasers for £1.
any member of homo sapiens whose IQ is less than that of the assorted mangy creatures they have on the end of old rope collectively.
oi pikey! get your theiving hands out of my sister.
by matt devilstick September 14, 2003
car towing firm from notters bridge, cornwall. Ran by two brothers of equal age.
that'll be £200 please or i'll crash me landie into yer pricipal financial district
by matt devilstick September 28, 2003
do do do do dooo do
do do do do doodlo do
do do do doododo dodo
do do dodo doodlo doo
by matt devilstick September 28, 2003
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