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3 definitions by mathmonkey

A gay man's mustache
Did you see the guy in the jeans shorts with the huge ball broom?
by mathmonkey March 11, 2009
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When the term "Beer Goggles" doesn't go far enough to describe a drunk person's inability to see what s/he is about to do.
Joe: Did you see who John was taking home?
Fred: Yeah, he was totally beer goggling.
Joe: No, he was way beyond that. He had a beer welding shield.
by mathmonkey February 09, 2009
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Dodge Neon, driven by a redneck who thinks it is a NASCAR. Probably derived from the myth that the cars in their favorite sport are "stock".
Did you see that guy cut me off in his redneck racecar? Too bad it's just a Dodge Neon with a loud tailpipe and racing stickers.
by mathmonkey February 16, 2009
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