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A ruler who, though having a great deal of power to interpret all laws and decisions of a given government, is a benevolent leader chosen by the people to lead his or her country to glory in accordance with the "general will" of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's philosophy. For more information, see "enlightened despotism".
All hail the President Imperator, leader of our great nation.
by matas May 26, 2006
1. Lithuanian for "ubermensch"
2. Lithuanian word describing anyone who can build a skyscraper with a bundle of twigs and a leaf
Person 1: Did you know donatas' tears can cure cancer?
Person 2: Yeah, too bad he doesn't cry.
by matas August 10, 2006
1. Lithuanian for good friend
2. A Lithuanian word that sounds a lot like "bitch"
3. When used among Lithuanian speakers in Anglophone countries, it is a double entendre that is both simultaneously a term of endearment and a put down.
Person 1: O, jis tikras biciulis.
Person 2: Yeah, he's a good guy. But he is a little emo bitch.
by matas August 14, 2006
What tourists call Chicago, even though it draws snide looks from us natives.
Tourist: Golly! Now I know why they call this the Windy City.
Chicagoan: Oh, Jesus...
by matas August 10, 2006
A small drinking country with a big basketball problem.
Person 1: Hey, biciuli, wanna watch some basketball?
Person 2: No, you pyzda, I just got back from Lithuania. I'm still drunk.
by matas August 14, 2006
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