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Steve Jobs' answer to all questions regarding the newest iPhone and all of it's issues
Question: "Why is the iPhone having drop call issues?"

Steve: "iDunno"

Question: "Well when am I getting my bumper that supposedly fixes the issue??"

Steve: "iDunno"

Question: "Do I need to turn off my WiFi Basestation for you to demo your phone??"

Steve: "iDunno"
by mastertrainer1978 July 23, 2010
Smart and dumb at the same time
"Jesse is so smumb - she just got her master's degree, but has the common sense of a 10 year old kid
by mastertrainer1978 May 26, 2010
To bullshit someone; to talk mad shit about a subject
John: "Yo, I just copped them Jordan 26's"

James: "You must be fecally speaking, they don't even exist"
by mastertrainer1978 August 05, 2010
A fake e-mail address used for blog sites, sweepstakes, and retail establishments that require an e-mail address to complete an entry
I just use my fe-mail address when I signed up on that one website. I'm not using my real email address and have my inbox full of spam
by mastertrainer1978 March 19, 2011
To be defeated by the narrowest of margins
John - "I missed qualifying for that position by less than 3 points"
Jim - "yeah, I got harbaughed too, I missed it at the last minute too"
by mastertrainer1978 January 23, 2012

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