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The hottest actor to play Doctor Who ever! He is so good looking you actually fall off your sofa when watching Doctor Who.
Who is the sexiest Doctor Who?
Matt Smith.
Too right sister!
by masked-moonlight August 15, 2010
Very talented British actor who played a guy called Tom in Sugar Rush (which was well funny btw) VANESSAAAAA!! Will become very popular soon due to him being cast as Peter Parker/Spiderman in the new Spiderman re-boot. His other name is THE GRAVIY MAN due to his hair defying gravity (like the song from Wicked). The gravity man is cool!
Hey, you know that Andrew Garfield fella?
C'mon you gotta know who I'm talkin 'bout
Also known as the gravity man
OH YEAH! He's so cool
Finally you get it!
by masked-moonlight August 15, 2010
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