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11 definitions by martin lizerbram

Ailing with the flu, viral illness, or a bad cold, especially with an elevated temperature.
He's down with the grippe. he will have to see the doctor if he get's worse.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005
a small unattractive person with an attitude to match.
The neighbor is a real cockroach. Not only is she a little twit, but she has a personality to match.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005
From the yiddush, a person who sells rags, or dragging around rags. Used for a person who is ill dressed, sloppy in habits, or wears ill-fitting clothing. Also a person who is poor and shows it.
She's a real shlepper, wearing that dress that looks like a burlap bag.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005
Yiddush for prostitute. Now used like you would a slut, or a sleep-around,
She's a corva. She's had the whole football team in one hour.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005
A thin plasticized transfer or a decal from a thick piece of paper to the skin. Water was used to soften the decal. A word used in the 1930's and 1940's.
The cockamanian looks like a tattoo on your skin. Of course, it is only temporary.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005
From the Yiddush, a male person who always gets the wrong end of the stick; a naive man, who doesn't know what's going on at any given time. He let's people take him over.
That kunyalemmel let's everyone walk all over him. He's a Mr. Milquetoast.
by Martin Lizerbram May 28, 2005
From the Yiddush.
Used to describe a crass, tall, and maybe smelly man who is kind of rough around the edges. This person is not mean. It can pertain to a tradesman who doesn't clean up after he has worked, and is still full of grease.
That plumber you hired is a real bolagoola. I can't get near him, he is so smelly.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005