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1) a married woman who has a large appetite for sex.

2) a married woman who engages in sex with men, other than her husband, to fulfill her sexual needs.

3) a married woman who will engage in any and all sexual activities for her husband.
"She was a good slut-wife who would suck him off when ever he wanted."
#slut #slutwife #slut-wife #slutty #wife #married
by marriedct May 19, 2008
Bondage-Slut also Bondage slut

1) a woman who enjoys being tied-up during sex.

2) a woman who becomes a slut once she is tied-up.

3) a woman who receives sexual gratification from being tied-up.

1) "She was a little bondage-slut, much to his enjoyment"

2) "She was a bondage-slut for anyone who wanted her"

3) "That bondage-slut doesn't care if she gets fucked, just as long as she's tied-up!"
#bondage-slut #bondageslut #bondage #slut #bdsm #tied-up
by marriedct May 19, 2008
Cum Vampire or Cum-vampire

1) a woman who sucks cum out of a cock like a vampire drinking blood.

2) a woman who sucks cock with great enthusiasm

3) a woman who sucks cock with the express purpose of receiving a mouth cum of cum.

1) "She's a real cum vampire when she sucks"

2) "My wife was a cum vampire last night!"

3) "I'm a cum vampire- I can't seem to get enough!"
#cum #vampire #cumvampire #cum-vampire #semen #oral #blowjob #slut
by marriedct May 19, 2008
Slut-mouth- (Noun)
1) a name referring to (or the nick name of) a woman who receives great enjoyment from using her mouth to pleasure men. This type of woman ALWAYS swallows semen,

2) a term used to describe a woman who permits her mouth to be used by men for sexual enjoyment.

3) a woman who swallows large amount of semen.
"Come here, Slut-mouth, and suck my cock!"
#slutmouth #slut-mouth #slutty-mouth #slutty mouth #mouth #slut #slutty
by marriedct May 19, 2008
1) a term referring to a woman who has been sucking cock.

2) a term used to describe the smell of a woman's breath after performing fellatio.

3) the odor or a woman's breath after she has swallowed semen.

4) a derogatory term used as an insult to straight men. It implies that he engages in homosexual oral sex.
1) "Hey cock-breath, you need a mint!"

2) "Whoa- someone' got cock-breath!"

3) "You can tell what they were doing by her cock-breath!"

4) "Hey cock-breath, I'll bet you like little boys!"
#cockbreath #cock-breath #cock #breath #blowjob #oral #suck #sucking #fallatio
by marriedct May 19, 2008
Cunt-mouth or Cuntmouth

1) a term referring to a woman who engages in fellatio.

2) a woman who permitted or has been "mouth-fucked".

3) a man who has preformed cunnilingus.

1) "She has a hot little cunt-mouth on her!"

2) "He fucked her cunt-mouth until he shot his cum"

3) "He had cunt-mouth after going down on her"
#cunt-mouth #cuntmouth #cunt #pussy-breath #pussy #cunt-lips #cuntlips
by marriedct May 19, 2008
Slutlips or Slut-lips
1) a name for a woman who uses her mouth (lips) to give sexual pleasure.

2) a term for the lips of a slut.

3) a term used to describe the red, swollen look that a woman's lips take on after she has been preforming fellatio.

1) "Thank you Slutlips, that was wonderful!"

2) "She has slutlips"

3) "After he came she licked her slutlips and smiled"
#slutlips #slut-lips #lips #slut #blowjob-lips
by marriedct May 19, 2008
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