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spongemonkey's are those fonky-looking demented hamsters on the quiznos commercials. a.k.a....the coolest things ever!
"eat quiznos suuuuuuubs! coz they are good to uuuuuus!! they are tasty they are crunchy they are warm because they toast them! THEY GOT A PEPPER BAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"eat quiznos suuuuuuubs! coz they are good to uuuuuuuus! when you bring in a coupoooooooon for things to eat or oil changes!!!!! or pony rides or hair pluuuuuuuugs! subs are a dollar off.....BEWARE OF PAPER CUUUUUUUUUTS!!!!"
by marni March 07, 2004
One of the coolest cats to ever roam the town.
"It's true, mongors rocks the house."
by marni October 04, 2003
fifreek is a hart : ]]]
by marni October 03, 2003
america's way to travel with weed
amy poehler loves me...she said so herself. jealous much!?
by marni March 22, 2005
one word: FRAN!
nha's fran is the ultimate thunder cat!
by Marni May 22, 2004

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