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suck-full, crappy, shitty, can also be the opposite of successful, full of suck as in a big bag of suck.
That pizza was suckful it tasted like shit.

Jim, watching you play golf is like watching someone throw up. You should stop playing for two weeks and then just quit altogether. You are suckful.
by mark gonos February 12, 2008
A semi cute fat chick that is trying to wear low rise jeans and a belly shirt. The result is ridiculous and rather uncomfortable looking. If panties are showing in the back it is a farthog deluxe. The farthog is the girl that you should never hit on as she will immediately turn you down out loud and tell everyone about it, even though you may have been trying to just give her a pity boning. Caution; the farthog is often drunk and if ignored may try to rape you. You may smell the faint whiff of a fresh fart as she saunters by you.
Dude, smell my fingers I fucked a farthog last night. I got drunk at a party and fucked a farthog. I hit on this total farthog and she shot me down. Check out this farthog. This party is like farthog heaven.
by mark gonos March 12, 2008
o-key-cho-bee Instead of saying okee dokee anyone that is groovy says okeechobee instead now. basically means the same as OK.
Jim; hey bring that big bag of suck up here.
Mark; okeechobee
by mark gonos February 12, 2008
worn out, wobbly, stretched, overused, abused, out of round
What do you do when a girls pussy gets wollard out? Answer;Stick a picnic ham in it and pull out the bone.

Dude, I'm feeling a little wollard out today.

I was like seventh in line by the time I got in there it was all wollard-out.

hog waller
by mark gonos March 12, 2008
moo-lee When one is feeling crappy or hung over
I'm feeling a tad mooley today, I really got hammered last night.
by mark gonos February 12, 2008
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