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The act of failing but you fail so much the word "Phail" shouldn't even be spelled right for you let alone the word fail. As in, extreme ultra almost impossible to get failure.
Man, that guy messed up badly, phail.
Well, that guy messed up so badly that he broke all parts of his body, phial.
by Mariokiller64 January 11, 2009
Mario = The name Mario
Killer = Of course, Killer
64 = The number 64.
Now, put Mario and the numbers in "Mariokiller64". You would see Mario64 referring to Super Nintendo Mario64. As in, Mariokiller64 means killing Mario64, Now you ask "Why didn't you just use Mario64Killer." I didn't choose that because it sounded lame =D. Mariokiller64 generally means killing Super Nintendo Mario 64.
Mariokiller64 just made Mario jump off the castle to kill himself.
by Mariokiller64 January 14, 2009
Achieving a Terrific day by watching porn the whole day.
So how was your day?
It was Pornrific!!
by mariokiller64 January 22, 2009

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