63 definitions by maria

A REALLY hott *British* band
I listen to the libertines everynight before I go to bed
by Maria January 09, 2005
Fuckin' from behind......in a car on the side of the Turnpike(or in the parking lot of a Diner)
Johnny fucked Sheila Jersey Style last night
by maria July 25, 2004
What can I say? Ville makes me proud to be a Finnish woman. I also love his eyes, lips and incredible voice. If I only could have him as mine...
"You're all I ever wanted... my love"
by Maria March 08, 2004
A guy hotter than you!!
He's hot!
you're....well...you're just plain ugly!
by Maria January 09, 2005
Talented on the race track.
Rossi is the best motorbike racers around
by Maria July 17, 2003
when a girl has her period and it hurts a lot.
me: wow i'm feeling quite crampy today.
meaghan: me too. however, i am cramping up. it means the same thing but is in verb form as opposed to adjective form.

two in one
by maria March 03, 2004
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