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This expression is actually mostly used in India, but has through extensive migration of Indians to the US spread. It basically means "cannot be" or "that can't be". Usually said with indian/english accent.
Ravi: I studied so hard for the exam and still I got an F!
Ajay: Is cannot?!?!?!!? Are you stupid or what?
by Maria October 09, 2004
the ass end of legitimate
Trent: hey is Kent that baby's daddy?
Paige: nah...that baby ain't timit
by maria June 17, 2006
the lousy feeling you felt after experiencing the following:
- you`re caught half naked on a video camera.
-you see your lover in bed with your bestfriend.
-you forgot to close the door on an intimate moment with your lover.
-you`re caught in bed with your lover`s bestfriend.
-you took the best possible dose of that weed that you didnt realize it was not for free.
-duh! everything you felt right now, tell me about it!!!
i`m so kaging today, i saw a lot of my name in urban dictionary. weldon is the best policy! duh!
by maria October 12, 2004
people who are lazy or try to act cool that are meaning to say "i don't know"
iono im lazy
by maria February 01, 2004
4 reallly really cool people. listed A B C D. but, D is the hottttest. ;) pho-shizzle
phongsava's. jeahhh baby
by maria December 21, 2003
To understate; downplay. The opposite of exaggerate.
ROBOCOP: How many files did he deliver?

TRISCH: I don't know: like, none!

ROBOCOP: There were at least two, Trisch. Don't enaggerate!
by Maria June 10, 2005
Of, related to, or characteristic of Janice. Particularly entranced by all matters scientific, Godly, or otherwise inane. Used specifically as an insult.
GIRL: I hate my lab partner!
BOY: That one who prays all the time?
GIRL: Yeah, and gets all A's. She's totally janeasian!
by Maria April 04, 2005

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