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An acronym for "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything". In the vein of NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard), taken to extreme lengths by community protesters seemingly in opposition to all forms of new development.
The same BANANAs showed up to protest the highway widening, the new airport proposal, and the sewage treatment plant proposal...
by mares_and_stallions February 03, 2008
A sexually empowered transsexual woman (male-to-female) that still has her penis. A rare mystical creature only rumored to exist but highly sought after.

They are desired by straight men who enjoy anal sex, lesbian women who enjoy vaginal intercourse and homosexual men that more identify as queer than gay.

They are further made in short supply due to their own body issues affecting sexual confidence and societal pressure to have full genital surgery.
My sex life is full of mares and stallions. One day I want to ride a unicorn, but they are rare and elusive.
by mares_and_stallions April 09, 2007

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