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The stinky stuff you find in your belly button, more common in innies than outies.
I was digging around in my belly button and pulled out a big wad of gnur.
by Marcoda April 28, 2011
When someone throws up during sex because they are drunk.
I was so drunk that I puked all over her. Our sex turned into throwupsysex.
by Marcoda April 16, 2011
When you regret having sex with someone.
We got drunk and had regretsysex.
by Marcoda March 28, 2011
Someone who is oblivious, has declining mental facilities, or is simply stupid and cannot recognize obvious things or cannot take on simple tasks.
It's no surprise he gave that gold digger his ATM pin number--he's so dumb he couldn't find his dick in the dark.
by Marcoda June 11, 2011
When a kitty kisses you with his or her rough little tongue.
When my cat licks me, it feels like he's giving me sandpaper kisses.
by marcoda February 17, 2012
Contracting herpes or any STD from a date you meet using an online dating service.
My ex is so stupid. Right after the divorce she got herpes from a dude she met online. She must have used eHerpes.
by Marcoda June 11, 2011
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