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11 definitions by manicpanicd

A groupie who sleeps with the local bands, no famous bands.
She's just the local groupie
by manicpanicd January 02, 2008
14 3
When someone wants to be with someone in a sexual manner. Also the same as lust, highschool crush is usually used to refer to teenagers.
He has a highschool crush on the girl in 3rd period English class!
by manicpanicd January 30, 2008
12 2
Someone that is more hot than hot. It is a modifyer of your basic hottie into a more hott version!
"wow! She's hottiesauce!!!"
by manicpanicd December 30, 2007
8 1
This occurs when you attempt to text message someone from a payphone while under the influence of top much alcohol.
I was totally drunken texting you last night dude! It was hilarious...
by manicpanicd January 30, 2008
12 6
A reason to hit somebody when you fart. When you pass gas say "Invisible PunchBuggy" and punch someone as you would in a normal punchbuggy.
Haha invisible punchbuggy!
by manicpanicd January 20, 2008
0 1
A best friend who is an old drummer.
Mr.stone is a stoopid ho
by manicpanicd January 03, 2008
0 2
A best friend who is old and a drummer and in a band!
Eric stone is a stoopid ho!
by manicpanicd January 03, 2008
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