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N: 1. a person who offends everybody in the world by there presence here.
2. someone who can't help but be romolicious
3. anybody who thinks manele is music
Nicolais Guta is the biggest islamofascisterrorist in the world, behind Gigi Becali.
by mangot December 10, 2006
n. the act of coating a penis with sand just before penetration during intercourse. most commonly performed on beaches.
"Oh man I just dipped my dick in the sand and stuffed right back in the girl like a breaded chicken sandwhich!"
by mangot December 10, 2006
Adj: usually a shaved head man with a fake leather jacket and at least 7 advertisements for a variety of products which the wearer of the jacket has no knowledge of, also the person must have white pointed shoes and lots of fake gold.
ma...look at the guy that just walked into the manele club how romolicious is he looking tonight, he sholuld be going home alone tonight.
by mangot December 10, 2006
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