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All purpose adjective to convey contempt, derision, or inferiority.
The so-called Patriot Act presumes that a patriot would support illegal searches and the sacrifice of hard won liberty.
by mandingoe April 27, 2004


Just plain vanilla beans and rice for dinner.
by mandingoe April 14, 2004
The thirst quencher discovered by Hector Zeroni in the Disney movie Holes.
Try some of this. It will really quench your thirst. I call it Splooge.
by mandingoe July 17, 2003
An affectionate name for Condoleeza Rice
"Is that you Condolicious?"
- George Bush in Harold and Kumar Escape to Guantanamo Bay

by Mandingoe July 10, 2008
1. special ingredient that makes food at the state fair taste so delicious e.g. peach on a stick, za on a stick, bagel on a stick, creme brulee on a stick, etc.

2. a painful way to die (see death on a stick)
Deep-fried twinkie on a stick is so 2002. What will be the new taste sensation at the fair this year?
by mandingoe June 02, 2004
some thing that falls fast
The number of teams with a chance of making it to the playoffs is dropping like a dotcom stock.

Variant: dropping like stock in Enron
by mandingoe June 16, 2004
Women who have veered from the work force into raising chickens, growing vegetables, and canning. A DYI locavore
My femivore friends may never do more than dabble in backyard farming - keeping a couple of chickens, some rabbits, maybe a beehive or two - but they're still transforming the definition of homemaker.
—New York Times, Mar 14, 2010
by Mandingoe September 06, 2010

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