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to annihilate
I gotta get the car back by 8, or Dad's gonna mertilize me!

Crew, set your phazers to maximum mertilize.
by Mandingoe May 31, 2004
A house purchased to be demolished where the land is used to build a larger, more expensive house. Teardowns are purchased because the land they sit on is worth more without the house.

My parents house in the old neighborhood is worth $600,000 but it would definitely be a teardown.
by Mandingoe January 03, 2008
1. special ingredient that makes food at the state fair taste so delicious e.g. peach on a stick, za on a stick, bagel on a stick, creme brulee on a stick, etc.

2. a painful way to die (see death on a stick)
Deep-fried twinkie on a stick is so 2002. What will be the new taste sensation at the fair this year?
by mandingoe June 02, 2004
All purpose adjective to convey contempt, derision, or inferiority.
The so-called Patriot Act presumes that a patriot would support illegal searches and the sacrifice of hard won liberty.
by mandingoe April 27, 2004
some thing that falls fast
The number of teams with a chance of making it to the playoffs is dropping like a dotcom stock.

Variant: dropping like stock in Enron
by mandingoe June 16, 2004
upset; pissed off

Usage note: Can be applied to either sex, manboobs not withstanding.

annoyance ranking:
* pissed off
* tit in a wringer
* pissy
* ticked off
* undies in a bundle
* bent out of shape
* peaved
* miffed (agitated and fey)
Rush: It really gets my tit in a wringer when feminazis claim that date rape accounts for over 75% of all sexual assault.
by mandingoe October 10, 2005
1. To deliberately produce something so bad it's good. Creating something genuinely campy would be the perfect shatnerization. While not quite as unachievable as exceeding the speed of light, perfect shatnerization is as difficult as bowling a perfect game.
(Note: This does not infer that Shatner's early musical works are deliberately campy. They do, however, set a standard.)

2. To parody yourself (a la William Shatner's commercials for Priceline).
The "How Berkley Can You Be" parade is a day for Berkleyites to shatnerize themselves.

Newsweek: Doesn't it bother you that your version of "Mr. Tambourine Man" is a camp classic?

William Shatner: ...yes, in the beginning it bothered methat people singled it out and poked fun at it. They didn't know what I was doing. The album, "The Transformed Man" is much more extensive than that song. But since people only heard that song, I went along with the joke.

Newsweek: Uhh...OK Bill.
by Mandingoe September 26, 2004

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