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12 definitions by makit

A small penis.
Kieran has a makot.
by makit January 20, 2004
Poking a similar looking person to yourself.
Harold was clearning his clone.
by makit March 30, 2005
The noises you make during sexual climax.
Tina: "Brum Brum, Oh Kieran! Brum Brum"
Kieran: "BRUM! BRUM!"
by makit January 20, 2004
The sexy green goo coming from a females genitals.

Can be blamed on nearby greenery.
Siobi has terrific green goo, i want to eat it all year round.
by makit February 25, 2005
A follower of the great jedi Neg, or the demon spawn of Neg.
I am a Neglet so die!!
by makit January 20, 2004