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When somebody/something is "sexy" then it is crouching wear. It is used as a secretive way of saying sombody is nice looking without being obvious.
(whilst pointing at a girl) Crouching Wear!

Green goo... Crouching Wear!
by makit March 01, 2005
A gigantic person or somebody who attempts sex with there reflection.
Kieran is elephantium.
by makit January 20, 2004
Used as an insult to mean a tramp or retard. If somebody is stupid then they are a "tert".
You tert!
Kieran is a tert.
by makit January 13, 2004
To recieve sexual pleasure from neg
"im getting negage tonight"
by makit January 20, 2004
Kierans muff
wheres muffran
by makit January 20, 2004
Short for "You Fucking Bastard with a Small Penis"
Kieran, Yofubwismap!
by makit January 20, 2004
A man who shows/tells you what you have done wrong.
Block is makits mrong
by makit February 05, 2004
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