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An objectifying label for an excessively dumpy, unattractive woman, as if she were other-worldly or beastly.
"That woman is a class-A frumpazoid - an A-shaped head, flat, wide nose, no neck, a belly that hangs down to her knees, and moles all over her arms, face, and her legs."
by maikelyeremy September 12, 2009
a pushy guy who tries to pick up on every woman in a bar whether they're with someone or not.
"Oh jeez...bar shark on your left - don't look at him. Just pretend he's not even there if he starts talking."
by maikelyeremy September 11, 2009
Any non-commercial, run-down, LOUD, American, low value, rear-wheel-drive automobile/truck typically between 1970 ~ 1987 driven by skanky, trashy people who tear around town like its the baddest ride ever. It's also common to yell: "SKANK-TANK!" (like "SLUG-BUG!") when such a person unintentionally proves that their hunk of shit is nothing to prove.
"Yeah there was this skanky bunch of people who pulled out of the Fast & Friendly in a rusted '77 Berlinetta Camaro with no exhaust and the guy tried to smoke his tires as he left and it died right on Kansas Expressway and they had to push it to the shoulder. What a skank-tank!"
by maikelyeremy September 11, 2009
I. A man who has an obsessive preoccupation about having sexual intercourse with homosexual woman (lesbians), and/or who carouses in "dyke bars" or joins any association or activity (biker clubs/parades) where lesbians are to be found in greater numbers. They usually also have an extensive lesbian porn collection.

Usually the obsessive preoccupation is guided by a need to prove that they are the "ultimate womanizer" and can have any woman they want regardless what a woman "thinks" they need.

II. A man who by nature is homosexual, but is not accepting of his personal disposition. He attempts to find a lesbian woman who hopefully is of the same personal disposition for acceptance.
"There goes Chris the dyke shrike again...trying to pick up on Ashley. Dudn't the dumbass see she's strictly lesbian? She hasn't lead him on or even pretended to be interested in him. He keeps saying: "I'm gonna set em' straight...they gonna be my hoes they jus' don't know it!"


Here comes Kayla with Joseph. She's gay and he is also...I think - because he seems overly interested in her than she is him. She is definitely being dyke-shriked - and she knows it.
by maikelyeremy September 12, 2009
The brownish discoloration typical around the underside of the groin and butt - typically found on people who are grotesquely overweight.
"That was nasty, this fat guy bent over in gym shorts and he had excessive pooty tan."
by maikelyeremy September 12, 2009

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