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Homer Simpson's dream of freedom, health care and the North American Way!
"Gee Marge, all the kids are getting so stoooopid in school ...is this conutry getting dumberer or what... can ah duh... (slugging a Duff) oh where can we go where can we move ...what Marge? ...Canada"
by magnusonart April 30, 2005
a person who makes one feel like a natural human (Yoko Ono)
I heard an old Aretha song the other day, warm sun shining down, and I just got the yoko buzz of figuring out the answer to the ultimate question. But the news of the day, oh boy, zapped the yoko out of me when I saw the carnage.
by magnusonart May 02, 2005
a resident, citizen of the former USA now the USSR, the United States of Social Republicants, planning world domination since.... 1945?
when visiting France or Germany expect your new friends to introduce YOU to their old friends as, "This is soandso, he's a uzsar trying to understand that the euro is NOT a dollar."
by magnusonart May 01, 2005
obviously ANYONE can grow up to become president
I see the strategery he presents in the oval office even though his nation gets dumberer and dumberer.
by magnusonart April 30, 2005
the former USA now, called the Union of Socially Significant Republicants...
put the zsar in the pronunciation...

man that last election was a USSR (Uzsar) loser.... duh bya
by magnusonart April 30, 2005
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