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When a song is screwed, that means it's slowed down a bit. "Chopping" is when you have the record on one turntable, and the same record on another turntable but delayed one beat, then you crossfade between the two for a beat to double up a half-second part. Usually you "chop" on the fourth beat to double up the first beat of the next measure. DJs often use the "flanger" effect on one of the records to make the chops "swoop."
"DJ Screw originated the Chopped & Screwed style."
by magnum October 01, 2003
Originated from the name Peewee Herman; getting caught wacking off in a public place
Dude, I'd rather went a porno so I don't get arrested for Peewee Hermaning
by Magnum February 25, 2005
A repulsive individual known for his inability to do anything. This individual of short stature has the ability to give Rip van Winkle a run for his money. Always found either napping or "tired." Makes Pig-pen seem like a neat-nick. Confused sexually; he is a man who thinks he is a woman; he likes men, but dates women. Can never commit to anything except free food. Is preparing to give birth to his first born.
Stackhouse entered the station, as he walked in the turnout gear walked out.
by Magnum April 13, 2004
A special breed of Security Guard or Correctional Officer. Found only in the North Central region of Maryland. Has an affinity for close personal contact and the use of the phrase "do you know what I am saying?." Has a frequent need to "to go the battroom" when on shift. Waste is extremely toxic and no attempt should be made to gain entry to lavatory for one to two hours after initial deposit. Is constantly kept waiting on "my clearance to come through."
Ruck stood up in the middle of the meeting and said," I am going to cut right to the point, Matt; he is a goofball."
by Magnum April 03, 2004
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