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2 definitions by magicwaffle

A slang term for a joint of cannabis. A ciggarette is a 'half-scooby', or a 'scrappy'. Often shortened to 'Scoob'.
Mark : Blaze up that scooby man i'm dying for some of that shit.
James : Relax man, all in good time, don't rush the kush man
by magicwaffle March 14, 2009
A slang term for ecstacy pills. Can also be used to describe the state of mind of a person who's high on pills('Diddled'). Any arrangements on this is acceptable, e.g 'diddly-doo', 'dids', 'diddlered'.
Mark : 'How're those diddles doing for ya?'
James: 'Man, i'm fucking diddled of my face man. Could do with another diddly-doo though if you've got one?'
Mark: 'Sorry bro, all out of dids, you sank them all you diddly twat'
by magicwaffle March 14, 2009