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someone who takes pictures of themselves/their friends all the time just to put them on facebook.
"caroline would not stop taking pictures at that party last night. she's such a facebook whore."
by magggggie December 16, 2007
someone who is not only a bitch, but also kind of a whore. generally characterized by (1)taking the last cig of a pack (2) taking the last swig of the vodka and/or (3) getting up on someone else's man and saying later that they were too drunk to stop.
"courtney is such a cunt waffle. i woke up this morning and all my cigarettes are gone. plus she slept with my boyfriend."
by magggggie December 17, 2007
the wreaths that people who live in dorms put on their door to make the place seem "more christmassy"
"wtf, i woke up and room 327's christmas cheer was in my bed. i must have been so drunk when i came home last night."
by magggggie December 18, 2007
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