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When you cut a fart while taking a shower with water running through your ass crack and it makes the sound of a duck quack. Quack farts often smell worse than regular farts.
I let a quack fart slip while my girlfriend was in the shower with me and she bolted.
#fart #shart #butt smells #poot #duck quack #duck fart
by madskills69 July 13, 2010
A delusion in which narcissistic and vain young women believe that every male they come into contact with is either flirting or is in love with them.
Jessica: "Did you see that guy staring at me? He must have a hard-on for me!"

Tim: "Jess, you suffer from herotomania. He was staring at that booger hanging out of your nose."
#vanity #narcissism #vain #ignorant #slut
by madskills69 July 13, 2010
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