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Was a very dedicated man who was very strong and tough, knew how to pleasure his woman, had an extremely large penis, was quite a player, was extremely sexy and smelled so damn good you couldn't resist his charm or his beautiful smile. was a wonderful a husband, father, brother, and son. was a friend to all he met excluding criminals.
Girl 1. here comes TonyWittman (aka New York) with that winning smile. his wife is so lucky!
by madeyoulooklikeafoolhaha January 01, 2012
when a man has screwed too long his penis looks like a pickle.
pickled penis has been known too happen to men who can last longer than 15 minutes so its a good thing, not a bad thing. ever seen your fingers after you've been in the bath too long
by madeyoulooklikeafoolhaha January 01, 2012
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