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4 definitions by madept

Xfce is a desktop environment for Linux.
Xfce is very lightweight and runs faster than Gnome or KDE on slow systems.
Xfce is also extremely customizable - you can even use the Gnome panel instead of the Xfce panel.
If you have a slow system, Xfce is probably the best desktop environment.
by madept May 23, 2004
HTTP status code for 'bad request', usually due to an error in syntax.
He got a 400 error at that site, what could have caused it?
by madept April 02, 2004
A very good and addictive candy.
Normal Skittles coated with a very sour white sugary powder (citric acid?).

The powder is painful if you have a cut in your mouth, and if you eat many it seems to sort of irritate the skin.
I ate some Sour Skittles.
by madept June 28, 2004
The HTTP status code for 'OK' - it means your request was fulfilled without an error.
A 200 error page is usually not shown to users, but certain php scripts may display one.
That script didn't have anything to display, so it just showed a 200 error.
by madept April 02, 2004