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4 definitions by madeline

wet pants laughing, better than lol, (c)2004 by Aaron and Madeline
...wpl it wuz so funny when chris fell into that mud
by Madeline November 17, 2004
7 4
This is the name of a person who follows the religion of "bobism". Therefore they are bobists.
i am a member of bobism therefore i am a bobist
by madeline July 04, 2004
8 5
the love of my life , the perfect boyfriend , the sweetest thing in the world , the cutest thing in the world , a pothead , addicted to smoking , tinker gooch , i love you
look at maddy , shes in love with an oscar
by madeline February 23, 2005
2 15
a word- usually a 'ghetto' word used by wannabe white rich kids (our so-called friends) in Atherton and other well-off neighborhoods in california.
alos refed in the beginning of "Let's Get Blown"
(wannabe black- but actually white 14 year old person)- aight man, we be chillin at mah crib
(other wannabe)- YESSIR!
by madeline April 09, 2005
38 175