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This is the abbreviation for the term White Person Lottery. Like winning the real lottery, the White Person Lottery allows one such winner to never need to worry about working a day in his life if he manages his funds even semi-competently. As a natural consequence of this position of superiority, over time, a sense of complacency often sets in, and WPL winners tend to lash out at WPL non-winners to prove their superiority. This is an understandable defense mechanism because people with few achievements in life tend to feel like they don't belong or have any sense of purpose. There are two main ways to be a WPL winner: 1. Be born into wealth or inherit large sums of money (half a million dollars or more) as an adult, which was the result of someone else's hard work. 2. Marry into wealth, purely with the intention of taking the wealth and jumping ship as quickly as possible.
Example 1: Girl 1: "Why are you going out with Elliot Rodger? That guy creeped me the fuck out. Isn't he like a total loser?" Girl 2: "He's fucking disgusting in all aspects, but he won the WPL, and I'm planning to extract every cent I can from him, even if it means giving him some tuna from time to time"
Example 2: Person 1: "Why should a 65-year-old man still be slaving away at the company he built 35 years ago?" Person 2: "So that junior can get the new Maseratti without having to open the treasure chest. WPL heaven is closer to Earth than you might think!"
Example 3: Person 1: "Why did Elliot Rodger kill those innocent people?" Person 2: "Being a WPL winner wasn't enough. His BMW wasn't enough, his cognac wasn't enough you brat."
by Eric Kiszinski May 24, 2014
wet pants laughing, better than lol, (c)2004 by Aaron and Madeline
...wpl it wuz so funny when chris fell into that mud
by Madeline November 17, 2004
Western Plague Land, a zone in the MMORPG world of warcraft
Person 1:Dude, where am I s'posed to level from 55?

Person 2:WPL ofc!
by N1sch February 04, 2010