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where a stocking cap is worn high on the head, simulating dreads. however, no dreads are actually present. worn by rastafarian wannabe's.
Person 1: She's over there next to the guy with the dreadlocks.
Person 2: Woah woah, you mean the guy with the dreadmocks? There ain't nothin underneath that hat, man.
by maddyvh January 24, 2009
Similar to a lurker, but a lot creeper. The difference is, while a lurker can be found in the backgrounds of pictures doing nothing, a creeper can be found in the backgrounds of pictures staring through the window with a creepy creeper smile.
Person: Who's THAT lady?!
Me: Oh, that's just my mom Pat. She's a major creeper. Look at those creeper legs..
by maddyvh January 09, 2009
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