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A term used to describe the instance in which a person is about to get laid.
That fat kid is finally getting him some. Yo, fat sassage bastard, go GETCHO PEE PEE WET!
by mackelslap December 21, 2008
when a bitch is gabblin the cock and bites down and u slap the shit out of her!
janice thies was suckin a fat sassage when she fucked up and bit too hard and got the resulting gabblin slap.
by mackelslap December 21, 2008
A term used to describe any area that someone would live in that is old-fashioned, trashy, run-down and just nasty. Usually accompanied by the word "town."
Janice thies supports a whole po-dunk-ass town with the gravitational field supports by her fat sassage slap-lovin ass.
by mackelslap December 21, 2008
One that is constantly on the nut.
That big bitch Rosie O'Donnel is an ugly nut leech.
by mackelslap December 21, 2008
When you ram yo shit hard as you can in that bitches ear when she's sleeping, becuase you didnt pay rent this month and she aint puttin out and youre frustrated.
(past tense)- Dicked
The bitch caught an attitude so i dicked her ear.

I'm trying to explain to this bitch that we got busted cuz her mom walked in right when I was dicking your ear.
by mackelslap December 21, 2008
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