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6 definitions by macist

1337 short form for "what the fuck"
Alice: "Dude, Bush won teh lexxianz..."
Bob: "...teH f0kK??!"
by macist February 16, 2005
A polite way of saying "phukk".
Gee w00t tis phawkin n00b si teh ghey shice!!!11!1
by macist February 06, 2005
The missing noun for something fucking spectacular.
Dude, there was spectacularity present, dude!
by macist February 13, 2005
an (mostly internet-) connection that really sucks.
Dude, cuntnexxian imminent, dude!!11!1 Me like gonna phawk teh ISP, rite?
by macist February 15, 2005
Some lazy ass guy.
phonetic German "Faulenzer"
You're such a phawkin phowlancer, dude!
by macist February 23, 2005
schwrr s anthr wrd fr krstn.
m gs lk: "krst y r sch schwrr..."
krstn gs lk: "f shzzl m nzzl!!"
by macist February 08, 2005