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A pack of men, who prey upon unsuspecting females, waiting to pounce upon their vunerable victim, having taken what they want, the next Jackal in the pack moves in. Generally poor at conversation, Jackals tend to grunt, flash cash at the bar for attention and drink too heavily. They show no respect and are happy to indulge in each others cast offs. Jackals are the lowest of the low when it comes to womanising skills, and their general performance in relationships is piss poor! Subtlty and integrity are not weapons in the Jackals hunting armour.
Fashion is not a Jackals strongpoint, they are often scruffy, with signs of poor personal hygiene - but why would they need to bother about such things?

Afterall they are gods gift to women!
Jackal 1 "urg huh hu grr"
Lady "pardon"
Jackal 1 "Urg you coming home with me tonight"
Lady "havent you got a girlfriend"
Jackal 1 "she needs to deal with it"

Jackal 2 "huh fancy giving me head, why not, well i ll just share your taxi, get out and not pay then" (outside the jackals den - not flashing your cash now are you)

Jackal 3 " ows bout it, grr, never been turned down before" (but he has, most nights!!)
by maceymoocow December 04, 2011

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