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2 definitions by m408

When you smoke so much weed that you cannot have an orgasm during sex

Same as whiskey dick, but with marijuana
"That fat bowel of sticky weed I smoked before bangin', gave me a terrible case of gonja balls!"

Sean: I can't shoot my load...
Coleen: Why not dear, have you been tokin?
Sean: Yes! I must have a nasty case of gonja balls!
by m408 July 22, 2009
An amber colored mixture consisting of 2/3 month old bong water that had been used 3 times daily, and 1/3 piss with a cigarette butt floating in the bottom
Usually put into an empty tea bottle

Like a good tequilla, bong cider's cigarette butt in the bottom is the worm

"That's not tea, it's a smelly bottle of bong cider!"

"It's the ultimate stink bomb..."
by m408 October 02, 2009