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this is the little pieces of lint and debris that hang in the pubic hair right below your choad. choad lint often results because of wearing wool or cotton boxers or briefs,
GOD DAM! I am so fucking sick of picking this fucken choad lint out of my ass!
by m0n3y maker October 13, 2006
when u take a lube shower and crawl in someones ass
"Jessica u fucken butt slut get out of jordans ass NOW!!!" (sayin to self) what a LeJessica....
by m0n3y maker September 20, 2007
when a very large and hairy swedish man becomes worked up until he is sweating like none other. He then finds a random chick and dangles his balls over her mouth so she ends up lapping up all the sweat until she finally consumes his entire scrotum
Dude, i saw this sick ass swedish guy give this girl a swedish t-bag. I swear she drank at least a gallon of his sweat until she bit off his balls.
by m0n3y maker October 12, 2006
this is where you shove an entire italian sausage (prefereably with ketchup and onions) up your girls ass during intercourse. this results in her screaming in pleasure. you then retract the sausage from her ass and then sell it on the streets
Dude, i gave this chick an italian stallion and when that sausage came out, it looked like a charred piece of wood.
by m0n3y maker October 12, 2006
a slang term for nigger, or negro. this phrase in mainly used when confrontation of two niggers occurs.
Hey Nukka!!! You got beef? Get yo black ass over here so i can curb stomp yo ass.
by m0n3y maker October 02, 2006

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