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Someone who hates gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered persons because of simplistic, dehumanizing beliefs.
Some faghater saw my husband carrying my purse and thought it meant he was gay, so he started shouting insults and threats and ended up getting kicked out.
by m0llusk October 28, 2006
The point at which circumstance reveals unambiguously the need to change.
After working late one night I returned home to find my family celebrating my first child's birthday with a party which I had completely forgotten about, and it was a Sputnik moment that made me realize the need to spend more time with my kids.
by m0llusk October 28, 2006
Blowing chunks out of your nose.
We were tasters at the baked bean cook off then went out and drank way too much and when I hurled my mouth was closed and I shot bean goo out of my nose with european elegance!
by m0llusk October 11, 2005
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