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love is the most agonising thing i have felt..
but also the greatest thing i will ever experience...
u get the feeling no one can say or feel more in love for that person than wat u are feeling...
the best times of my life hav been with who i love.
it blinds you it chokes u and it hurts you wen u relise that person u loved cheated on you it drives you so far to the edge of life...till u want to give that person another chance an u spring bac hopeing they just made a mistake...i think it makes u feel everything lonly sad desperate unwanted an much more...human kind likes to cling to that wonderful feeling of being wanted wen u seem to hav been left behind while everyone else seems to travel in and out of love as they say they are, but then who are we to judge what they feel...love really cant hav a pure definition as it is such a vague but such a tromendous feeling..it is what u make it and what your partners feels towards you.
"i love you dane"
"you are eveything to me"
by m**i* December 09, 2005

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