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one who suffers from the ownership of a mangina.
My buddy totally gets aches and pains from his manginitis issues... oh and hes a fag.
by Luvnuts March 02, 2003
something often said by kerpal when your daughter kicks his dog and you deny it. You fucking guy.

-also see you bastard guy
your daughter kick my dog!

no she..

by Luvnuts March 04, 2003
To do.
anato no okaasan o shimashta(past tense)
by Luvnuts March 03, 2003
1) The original nonsense word.

2) Refers to a game played where any number of players compete to create the most creative and meaningless word or combination of words.

-see Gigabyblical
a) Lets play gigabiblical!
b) ok, I'll start. polypaxodon!
a) nice... shaftorivendalence.
b)hmmm, that was a long one.
-(this continues until extreme bordom)
by Luvnuts March 02, 2003
A cool, refreshing treat made from the semen of dozens of strapping young lads.
Luvnuts: I sure does love me a jizz slurpee
by Luvnuts March 04, 2003
1.(adj) resembling one who is intoxicated, but not actually being under the influence. Severe cases of drunkness occer generally very late at night when subjects are tired. Hallucinations are common, also feelings of euphoria and altered visions of reality. Those who are drunk are usually very creative in a very sick sort of way.
Hey!!! instead of saying "pants", pretend the english language has no 'n' and say "pamts".

Jesus fuck!! We are so damn drunk!
by Luvnuts March 04, 2003
1.(v) To both discover and uncover, all in one swift motion.
Once I unscovered the truth, my life was changed forever.
by Luvnuts March 07, 2003
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