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A dude that thinks the way to a womans heart is to follow them around like some kind of pathetic emotionally attached lapdog, then when they become friends with him proceed to try his own version of sex, which is a collection of retarded noises/inserting said spasticated hand into their meat curtain, then blaming all of that on his obvious 'loose screw' then proceeding to follow them around at school wearing his famous ankle swingers and poking his oversised nose into other peoples business/private areas, which then results in an army of people breaking said nose and he then crawls back on all fours (or as we know it, 'fairweather shuffle') to some other girl which has sympathy for him, then repeats until is murdered.
guy 1: hey that charles guy is a fairweather

girl 1: i know.. he tried to rape me once :(

guy 2: fuck that shit, lets break his nose!

girl 1: yeah!

girl 2: don't guys he's really sweet! D:

guy 1: sweet until he's got his whole hand inside you..
by lukepearcey August 18, 2012

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