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A clyder is a term used by males to discribe an overweight female, or fat chick, clyders often gather together in groups called clydes. A clyder often has a rather nice slim attractive female friend who is known as the fondel
Spencer: Shit man this party is filled with clyders.
Luke: watch out that group of clyders dont even have a fondel.
by lukeellery April 15, 2006
A girl that seems rather attractive wearing clothes, but during the fingering proccess, you find a rather dense rough region of pubic hair. Many ladies with ethnic background's share this common disorder.
Guy 1: wow have you seen that chick tania tonight?
Guy 2: Stay well away she is a genuine Bluff Muff
guy 1: You sure?
Guy 2: Very.
by lukeellery April 15, 2006
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