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when you have extreme diareah that bursts out instantly and burns when it comes out it smells like a mixture of vommit, shit(of course), potato salad, rotten meat, burnt plastic and tacos
-similar to power shit
MARK:dude last night after i won the worlds taco eating contest i had I.D.O.T.A.
STEVE:me too.
luke:whats I.D.O.T.A?
STEVE:it's instant deflation of the anus.
LUKE:oh,ugh...thats brutal.
by luke fortune January 24, 2007
a way of life(in china it may be refered to as a religion). to go with the flow, to be positive, to agree with most things, to enjoy life to the fullest, to live the high-life.
luke: wow, geremy seems really happy now adays.
jon: yeah, he converted to doaism.
luke: really?, is that why hes always having sex with like ten girls at once and getting high?

jon: no, he just went on welfare to afford it all.
by luke fortune January 24, 2007
a combination of a man whore and a jiggilo. a man who has a lot of sex with girls who are innocent and super hot but then ditches them for other hot girls.
david fucked nicole and she is hot but he fucked off somewhere with andrea, david is such a whorjillo
by luke fortune February 03, 2007
when seventeen china men gather around a girl and throw up on her (after they have each eaten a full christmas day meal in one sitting eg. turkey,potatoes,carrots, cranberries and a pie of some sort, preferably apple.)
usually the girl is naked and has an orgasm whilst it happens.
last night ceci got a chineese christmas tree, it cost her $2467, rich whore.
by luke fortune January 24, 2007

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