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An abbreviation for methamphetamine, a drug that stimulates the central nervous system by causing it to release more dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives someone a feeling of satisfaction.
Meth is a dangerous drug and should not be used by anyone.
by Lucifer July 11, 2003
a cartoon character on cartoon network
his most known saying is "poo gas"
by Lucifer October 03, 2003
Also used as "you", commonly mispronounced by Cubans.
"What joo talkin' 'bout, mang?"
by Lucifer May 08, 2004
A prepubescent/pubescent geek who sacrifices every social aspect of his/her life to play Counterstrike, 24 hours a day. These cave dwellers often have pale skin, large eyes that have ceased to dialate, and finger speed that resembles that of the thing from Ghost in the Shell.
My friend camo is a cs kiddie, all i hear is CS:S CS:1.6 blah blah blah....
by Lucifer March 03, 2005
1. One who has no artistic talent and blames their lack of skills on a childhood accident; Usually characterized by trying futively to enhance the talent they lack drawing on digital art.

2. Bad graphical artist who leeches on other talented artists by flat-coloring their artwork in digital imaging softwares, making lame banners and/or crappy page layouts/designs, deliberatedly attaining some fame without doing anything more than coloring other people's work on a horrible manner.

3. One who does appreciate Furry art and is a wannabe of the sort, but has no drawing skills, so compensate their lack of talent and appealing on digital art, usually not having talent on it as well.

4. One who thinks their real name is stupid(Example: Jim, Jimmy), and changes their name to something twice as stupid(Example: Devrey Xtheren) to try to look like a normal person to the modern society, usually ending up being at least ten times more abnormal than before.

5. A person categorized be having a massive ego and an extensive histogram of friendship ditching and lack of companionship, usually only having friends because of his or hers ostensive personality, which consists of a self-centered, egocentric self.

6. An utter insult to a person's manner of being within a group; the same as calling someone a Dewey or something as offensive.
1. "Wow your drawings really suck and so does your digital imaging, you're such a DevX!"

2. Friend 1: "Ever noticed how this guy always just colors someone else's artwork and cranks up horrible designs on Photoshop, and ends up getting all the fame for it?"

Friend 2: "Yes I did, people are so easily manipulable, I pity the poor fanboys!"

3. "Wow you Furry artist wannabe -- Just give up already on the whole graphical design thing!"

4. "You changed the name your mother gave with with love and compassion to "Devrey Xtheren"? Wow you're suck a freak!"

5. "People like you are such DevXs, massive ego, small genitals!"

6. "No one cares how pimp you are with Photoshop or how badass your life is, get lost you DevX!"
by Lucifer April 14, 2005
To douse something in.
Imbrue one's hands in blood.
by Lucifer May 08, 2004
When you're high or just feeling laid back and lazy, you let out a nice attenuated "yeaup", which is the unison of yea and yup.
"how's it hangin"
"lowww and lazy"
by lucifer November 29, 2004

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